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There are tremendous business security attacks occurred everyday nowadays, it became our daiy important tasks to ensure the safety of company's business activities, as such, TrueSafe is being formed to aim in helping our valuable clients to monitor and secure their businesses.

We are a group of specialised consultants who focusing in Business Security. We are specializing in professional services on Business Security Solutions, We also provide managed security services to any clients who doesn't equiped with qualified security personnel.

Our vision is to increase the IT Security professional standard, ensuring client with quality business security implementation & consultancy services! Please feel free to contact us anytime when you have any queries on business security.



Year 2020

1. HP ArcSight ESM 7.x Administration & Analyst

2. HP ArcSight ESM 7.x Advanced Administration

3. HP ArcSight ESM 7.x Advanced Analyst

4. HP ArcSight Logger 6.x Administration & Operations

5. HP ArcSight ArcSight Management Center Administration & Operations

6. HP ArcSight Flex Connector Development


February, 2020
Professional Service Engineer

February, 2020